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Things to Pay Attention to When Rewriting

5 Often-Neglected Things to Pay Attention to When Rewriting

Today, I’m sharing a guest post by Rose Atkinson-Carter who offers helpful tips for rewriting and revising your novel.

Rewriting can be a stressful stage of the writing process. Unlike writing your first draft, where you know you can put off all thoughts of editing or quality control for later, or the editing stage, where you’ve got a full first draft in front of you that just needs some serious polishing, rewriting exists somewhere in the middle. It’s a careful balancing act between improving the way you had told the story in your first draft and starting from scratch (which you want to avoid) in the search for better options.

Rewriting involves keeping track of several moving parts, so to help you along this process, I’ve gathered 5 things writers often lose track of as a reminder for your next rewrite.

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