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When I had a full-time job, working as a psychologist, it seemed I could never find enough time to write all the stories I wanted to write. In addition to my job, there were also many other things taking up my time—editing and beta reading other authors’ manuscripts, household chores, family and friends, hobbies… So I had to get my writing done whenever I could: on the train to and from work, late at night, and whenever a client didn’t show up for a session.

clockOver the years, I published five novels that way, but I longed to have more time to write. So you can imagine how giddy I was when I could finally quit my day job to write full-time. I was convinced that with the entire day reserved for writing, I’d be much more prolific than before and easily publish several novels each year.

Well, reality soon caught up with me. I found out that full-time writers don’t actually write full-time. There are interviews to give, social media platforms to update, manuscripts to proofread, blog posts to write, reader e-mails to answer, and a million other things to do. Plus with the whole day ahead of me, I suddenly became prone to wasting time, procrastinating, and getting distracted by shiny little objects online instead of using every available minute to write.

Within a few weeks, I came to one important realization: Even as a full-time writer, I needed to manage my time; otherwise, I wouldn’t get any writing done. In fact, every writer—full-time or part-time—needs to manage her or his time, but most of them run screaming whenever they hear the word “time management,” mainly because most time management books are too rigid for us creative types.


So once I learned to manage my own time, I set out to help other writers do the same by writing a time management book that is specifically for writers.

Time Management for Writers, the second book in my Writers’ Guide series, will help you to find—or make—more time to write, use your writing time more wisely, and become a more prolific writer.

If that sounds like just the book you—or the writers in your life—need, you can get your e-book copy from Ylva Publishing, Amazon, or any other online bookstore.

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Time Management for Writers

How to write faster, find the time to write your book, and be a more prolific writer

In the digital age, publishing as book is easier than ever, but finding the time to write a book is becoming harder and harder. With day jobs, family obligations, household chores, and hobbies, many writers struggle to get any writing done.

At the same time, publishers and readers expect writers to publish multiple books every year and to somehow find enough time to market their books through blogging, social media, and networking.

If you are struggling to find enough time to write or don’t get much written once you finally do, this book is for you.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, this book will help you to:

  • Find enough time to write, even if you have a day job,
  • Write and publish more books in less time,
  • Use rituals to create a powerful writing habit,
  • Get your first drafts written more quickly, while still writing well,
  • Deal with distractions and interruptions,
  • Find your most productive writing routine and environment,
  • Use writing challenges to become more productive,
  • Discover tools and resources that help you focus on your writing,
  • Manage your e-mail inbox in less time,
  • Decide how much time to spend writing versus marketing,
  • Overcome writer’s block and procrastination.

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