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15 great gifts for writers

Just two more weeks until Christmas!

If you haven’t yet done all your Christmas shopping for the writers in your life—or you want to get something cool for yourself—here’s my list of neat gift ideas for writers.

#1 Fingerless gloves

My hands get cold when I’m typing away at the keyboard, and I imagine other writers experience the same. Last year, I got a pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas. There are even writing gloves with literary motives.

writing gloves

#2 Books on writing

I know I have a couple of writing books on my wish list this year. If you have no idea where to start, take a look at my favorite books about writing—or buy a gift card for books.

#3 Writer’s Remedy

Who knew there’s a magic potion that can cure writer’s block? You can shake out magnetic words that will inspire you.

writer's remedy

#4 Notebooks

Most writers have a slight addiction to office supplies, including notebooks. There are some notebooks that are almost too beautiful to write in, including the ones from Paperblanks.


#5 Writing chocolate

Yes, you read that write—there is such a thing as writing chocolate. The Literary Gift Company offers a bar of chocolate that warns anyone who might interrupt you “Go away, I’m writing.” If you are in the UK, you can get the writer chocolate bar from the Quirky Gift Library.


#6 Writing software

A growing number of writers uses Scrivener, a software that is great for planning and writing your novel. I use it on both my computer and my MacBook.


#7 Dress Pant Sweatpants

Comfortable clothes are important for writers, but at the same time, you don’t want to greet the mailperson looking as if you just crawled out of bed. The Dress Pant Sweatpants might be the perfect solution.


#8 Writing magazine

Subscriptions for literary magazines such as Writer’s Digest make good presents for writers too.

#9 Writer Pillowcase

A fun throw pillow could make a cool gift for a writer.

Writer Pillow from Etsy

#10 Writing conference or online seminar

If the writer in your life is trying to improve her craft, you could pay the registration fee for a writing conference or an online seminar for writers. I recommend Holly Lisle’s classes.

#11 Distraction-free writing devices

Hemingwrite is a modern typewriter with an e-ink screen and cloud backup. You can also probably still get an AlphaSmarth, a battery-powered keyboard, even though they were discontinued in 2013.

There’s no Internet, Facebook, e-mail, or games on there, so there’s nothing to do but write.


#12 Bookends

Most writers are also avid readers, so bookends are always a nice gift too. There are some really unique bookends, for example these Katana Bookends or these Fairytale Bookends.


#13 Waterproof notebooks

You never know when a story idea might come to you while you’re in the shower or outside in the rain, so waterproof paper comes in handy.


#14 Flash Drive

Backing up manuscripts and research is important, so USB drives always come in handy—and some of them are fun too, for example this gun USB drive for crime writers.


#15 LED pen

Instead of turning on the light to scribble down an idea in the middle of the night, the writer in your life could just use an LED pen. I hear it’s a marriage saver!


Do you have any other gift ideas for writers?

If you are a writer, what’s on your wish list for Christmas?

Happy holidays, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “15 great gifts for writers”

  1. I am a writer but for the past few months I’ve only written mostly journal entries and edit short stories on my phone.
    My computer is completely wrecked and although I need a new one I can’t purchase it just now. I’m leaving Jamaica for New York in January, its a very important and scary time in my life and I’ll need ALL my cash.
    So a computer of any kind would make a perfect Christmas gift for me.

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that Santa will be generous this year, then. Being without a computer is not a good thing if you’re a writer.


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