Sandra Gerth - author of the Writers' Guide Series

The best blogs for writers

If you’re a writer constantly trying to improve your writing skills, you probably subscribe to a few blogs about writing, publishing, and marketing your book. But time is limited, so you can’t read them all, and there are so many blogs on writing out there that it’s hard to know …

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15 great gifts for writers

Just two more weeks until Christmas! If you haven’t yet done all your Christmas shopping for the writers in your life—or you want to get something cool for yourself—here’s my list of neat gift ideas for writers. #1 Fingerless gloves My hands get cold when I’m typing away at the …

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Recommended books on writing

In my office, an entire bookcase is dedicated to books on writing. While you can’t learn writing just by reading a book about it, there are books that can help you plot your novel, create believable characters, revise your manuscript, and improve your writing skills. Since there are so many …

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