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blurb writing

Are you making this blurb writing mistake?

The blurb of your book is arguably one of the most important pieces of writing you’ll do for your book. If you’ve done a great job, the short description that goes on the back cover and the sales page will capture readers’ attention and convince them your book is exactly what they want to read right now.

If done wrong, the blurb will make readers decide not to take a chance on your book and read something else instead.

There are many mistakes to avoid when writing your book blurb, e.g., writing an overly long summary of the entire book, but I won’t dive into that in this blog post.

Instead, I’ll focus on one little thing that will make me as a reader give a book a hard pass: punctuation mistakes in the blurb.

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Dashes, ellipses, hyphens

When and how to use dashes, ellipses, and hyphens

When I’m editing, I often come across manuscripts in which writers used an ellipsis when they should use a dash or the other way around. Sometimes, I also see hyphens used instead of dashes. So here are some simple rules of thumb for when and how to use dashes, ellipses, …

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